Family, the very word embodies all that we believe in here at Appalachian Rustic Furnishings. As a family owned and operated business with strong values and established ties to our community, we strive to build these values into every piece of rustic furniture we create. 

We take great pride in not just the build and aesthetic qualities of our rustic Hickory furniture, but also in the thought that they will be there for you and your family, friends and guests to enjoy for decades.  From our couches to love seats, chairs, tables, bed sets and more, these are all designed with a lifetime of service in mind.  In fact, we guarantee all of our Hickory framed furniture with a lifetime warranty on all of our properly cared for products and stand behind our word of a commitment to lasting quality.

We have a passion for the creative, so much so that we have placed a gallery right here on our website so we can share the combined efforts of our design team and prior clients.  Let this fuel your creativity for designing just the right rustic Hickory furniture for your Home, Lodge, Camp or Cabin setting.

Our durable Hickory chairs, couches and love seat frames can be topped with any combination of durable leathers, luxurious suedes, comfortable and colorful fabrics or even woven with cane for that truly rustic feel.  Your creative options are truly endless!  Call our offices today and let's get started in designing just the right furniture for you and your family.



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Appalachian Rustic Furnishings was founded in 1987 by the Faircloth family in Wildwood, Georga. About twenty miles South of Chattanooga, Phil and Kathy, along with son Ryan, gradually turned what was a backyard hobby into a thriving business, building rustic hickory furnishings for homes, lodges, and institutions across America.